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Writer's Block: Life or Something Like It
When i was just 14 years old i developed type 1 diabetes. Up until this point in my life i had only 3 friends, but they were my best friends. We hung out alot, and got along better than anything. It took me 2 weeks to tell them however. I was so emberresed. Nothing was worse than being the only diabetic in a school of 400. I grew up in a small town, so nothing really was a secret, but after a year people were still finding out because of the few amount of people that actually new. Up until that year, no girls really liked me, i had crushes on other girls, but nothing really worked out. I was loud, disruptive, annoying, and thought about myself alot, even though everybody hated me.

After diabetes, i shut up, and watched everybody else do the talking. 4 months later i was approched by a girl that eventually became my girlfriend. She came to me, which i never thought possible. Ever sense that day of getting my first legit girlfriend, i have gotten more and more involved. After that year was over and the next year began i could talk to anybody in the whole school. I was in 9th grade, and had all the friends in the world. Today i look back to my highschool years and can only be thankful for diabetes. Its a challenging desease, but it changed my life for the better. Diabetes, is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Its so easy for people to see the bad in things, but i think its in finding the good things though the bad, that makes happiness apart of everyday life.
What experience has changed you for the better (or worse)?

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It's great that you saw the best in diabetes, I thought I'd be reading a sob story on how sad it was for you :P

PS: Who are you? :P

I'm that guy! ha, i'm just kidding. I'm Bill, i'm new to this site and thought it would be good to have some friends. None of my actual friends use this site, i just thought i would add some random people. I'm not sure how this site works so i thought it would be cool to add friends and learn how and what to journal about. I love to write and read different things so i thought this site would just be a fun way to be able to speak my mind and read whats on other peoples! Make sense?

Ps. If you know anybody that planes that airport tycoon game let me know. Haha i need 5 friends for an expansion. Its just kind of a stupid game that i find addictive.

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